Visual & Art Director

Clermont Fu

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Clermont Fu

Visual & Art Director


Visual Directions consulting for brands and startups. Creating content to coordinate brands idendity in differents supports.

We can notice a large differences between sectors where he worked images. From culinary to estate agency and architectures, fashions brands to medical sector…

But all these differences is guide to one line, the esthetics.

Getting into Arts Applications.

Visual & Art Director

Film Director

Realised more than 20 films and short-films for international TV and french TV. Clermont is also a independant film maker for FRANCE.TELEVISION.

He realised short-films with international brands and celebrities (Cartier, Le Bon marché, MAF, Relais & Châteaux, Niels SCHNEIDER, Guy SAVOY, Richard CLAYDERMANN…).


Fu Clermont Yu

Multicultural, Clermont Fu Yu is a young visual & art director. Born in french, in a family of international renowned artists. He used to be surrounded by esthetics and artistics environment.
Image director consultant, and artist in several fields, he is illustrated by his versatility and reveals in each of his creations of rare artistic sensitivity and human

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